Recharge with card at Ewiva stations

All the information to recharge using a credit/debit card, request an invoice, and download the receipt

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Download receipt

To download your receipt, you will need the last four digits of your card. If you used Apple Pay or Google Wallet, the last four digits might be different. Find out how to locate them here.

Download receipt

Request invoice

Remember, you can request an invoice within 7 days of the charging session.
To accellerate the process, please be sure to upload the receipt.

Request invoice

More information

Looking for more useful information? Check out all the frequently asked questions about the Ewiva world.

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How to Recharge with a
Credit/Debit Card

  • Select «Credit Card»

  • Tap your card/device on the POS.
    ATTENTION!A pre-authorization amount will be held*

  • Choose the connector, plug it in, and enjoy your charging time

  • Finished? Authenticate with the same card/device and press "Stop"

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