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Ewiva is the largest ultra-fast charging network for electric vehicles in Italy. It’s open to all.

Ewiva is a Joint Venture between Enel X Way and the Volkswagen Group, tasked with expediting the country’s transition towards electric mobility, developing an ultra-fast charging infrastructure open to all throughout the whole country.
Ewiva’s goal is to build by 2025 a countrywide network of over 3000 high-voltage (up to 350 kW) charging stations that will grant anyone the chance to charge their electric vehicle and get back on the road within minutes, anywhere and anytime, throughout the Italian territory.

Fill your batteries with electric joy!

Ewiva’s ultra-fast charging network is already operational and growing at an equally fast pace as it sets its sights on a countrywide presence. You’ll be able to charge your EV in all corners of the “Bel Paese”, in towns big and small, along the busy commuter routes, traveling toward popular tourist hotspots, or on the country’s main motorways.

*data updated to 30 November 2022

Discover the Ewiva solution that suits your needs

Ewiva offers a portfolio of diversified solutions tailored to suit every need of the end user.
Standard, Basic, Convenience and Premium: our high-voltage charging stations (from 100 kW up to 350 kW) are exclusively powered by renewables and guarantee the highest levels of efficiency, reliability, and availability. All in all, with zero emissions.

All operators providing charging services for your Electric vehicle

Our network of partners is constantly growing to offer an ever more complete, accessible, and widespread service.

Join us to play a leading role in the #emobilityrevolution

On December 13th, the Ewiva’s launch event was held in Rome. If you missed the live streaming or were unable to attend, the full recording is now available.

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