Electric Future

We expedite the change towards the electric happiness. Within everyone’s reach. Everywhere.

Our vision

Connecting, engaging, fostering a more sustainable future by making the electric mobility option ever more simple and available.


Electric travelling with Ewiva

By recharging with Ewiva you are on the right track, the one that leads our country towards sustainable change and guarantees a comfortable, safe and efficient travel experience.

*data updated to 26 February 2024

We speed up Italy into the present-future of electric mobility

A sustainable future is today. Reaching the climate neutrality goals set by the Green New Deal – basically achieving zero CO2 emissions by 2050 – is based on the choices we make now and in Ewiva we want to be the main actors to accomplish this decisive conquest for the future of our planet.
Hence, our commitment is focused on one of the main actionable tasks for the electrification of mobility in Italy: expediting the development of a network of public charging stations in the ultra-fast sector, thus guaranteeing a major contributions in its extension and user experience.
We use only renewable energy and engineeer smart solutions based on user-centricity and accessibility.
Our goal is to foster a paradigm shift and cultural change that can make electric mobility the obvious and simple choice everyone can afford.
In order to do this, we combined the know-how from two of the most authoritative players in mobility like Enel X and the Volkswagen Group, as we’re building a partner ecosystem that shares our vision and goals.
To reach it, we need everyone’s contribution.