21 August 2023

What does interoperability means?

Let’s find out together how Ewiva seeks to make its ultrafast charging network increasingly accessible


Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, has already created the largest ultrafast network in Italy, and works every day to make a reliable infrastructure available to all the e-drivers.


In particular, accessibility is one of Ewiva’s core values. The company aims to provide a public charging service open to any electric vehicle capable of fast charging and to all Italian and foreign providers of charging services. Our goal is to simplify life for e-drivers by providing them with a fast and intuitive charging experience: to make our infrastructure available to more and more e-drivers, we are constantly working on new interoperability agreements.


Interoperability, CPO and MSP
Interoperability is the ability of two or more systems, networks, applications or components to exchange information with each other and then be able to use it. In the world of electric car charging, this is achieved through Roaming, whereby different operators enter into commercial agreements and achieve integration of their platforms.

So, Charging Point Operators (CPOs) such as Ewiva, who are responsible for activating, installing and managing the charging infrastructure, sign agreements with Charging Service Providers (MSPs, or Mobility Service Providers) who, while not owning or managing their own infrastructure, offer the charging service to end users through apps or RFID cards.


Ewiva’s partners
To date, Ewiva has more than 50 charging partners, giving each e-driver the opportunity to freely choose the best solution and still be able to take advantage of our infrastructure. The MSP formulate the offers for electric charging by setting the €/kWh price and proposing solutions calculated on the consumption of a single recharge or in kWh package subscriptions.


On the About Us page of our website you can view all the partners with whom we have interoperability agreements. We are constantly working to expand our partner network and make our infrastructure more and more accessible.