02 February 2024

Comfort and efficiency: Essential tips for charging your electric car in winter

Winter, due to low temperatures and recurring bad weather, it’s the most critical season when travelling by car for daily commutes or long trips. For all electric car owners, it is critical to prepare as well as possible to face the cold season while maximizing efficiency and comfort when both driving and charging.

For a safe and enjoyable travel experience, it is important to follow the essential tips listed in this article.



Warm up the car before use


A common concern for everyone who drives electric cars during the winter is the time it takes to warm up the passenger compartment. One solution to warm up the car quickly, while saving energy at the same time, could be to park it in a garage or cover it with a thermal tarp; these solutions, in addition to increasing comfort for passengers and the driver, could help preserve the energy stored in the battery for longer.



Maximizing battery performance


Battery health is crucial to the optimal operation of an electric car. During the winter, it is important to avoid letting the battery’s charge drop below 20 percent to preserve its long-term health. In fact, performing many charge-discharge cycles can cause premature battery degradation, reducing the overall range of the vehicle; keeping the battery in an optimal state not only ensures better performance, but also contributes to greater reliability during the colder months.



Managing charging times in winter


Low temperatures can affect electric car charging times; however, there are some tricks that can help optimize this process. Preheating the car before plugging it into the connector can reduce the overall charging time, as a pre-heated battery accepts a charge faster. In addition, many electric vehicles are equipped with heat management systems that automatically adjust battery temperature to ensure optimal efficiency even in extreme weather conditions. These systems protect the battery and help maintain high performance even during winter.



Plan your itinerary carefully


To avoid surprises and reach your destination without worries, it is essential to plan your itinerary carefully, scheduling the stops you need to make to recharge your electric car. For optimal trip planning, it is advisable to use the app of your MSP of choice, or navigation services or apps, identifying available charging stations along the route and scheduling any stops. To avoid surprises, it is important to take into account adverse weather conditions or otherwise unforeseen events that can always occur during long trips, regardless of the type of car you drive.



In conclusion, although winter itself can be a critical season when traveling, just consider some simple cautions and tips such as those listed in this article. In fact, with proper preparation and by carefully planning your travels, you can deal with low temperatures while minimizing risks and instead maximizing the comfort and efficiency of your electric car even in the coldest months.