06 February 2023
Ewiva everywhere

Ewiva’s ultra-fast charging network keeps growing: discover the newest charging stations!

Ewiva’s journey has just begun, but through sheer commitment and determination, the joint venture between Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group keeps getting closer to its goal: establishing 3,000 fast charge stations (from 100 kW to 350 kW) by 2025.

A public network open to all e-drivers, able to address in an effective way the main needs of those who are already sold on the electric mobility concept, as well as reaching out to people who still have lingering doubts and are looking to enter this world.

Ewiva’s charging network

Ewiva already represents Italy’s largest high-voltage charging network, and between December 2022 and January 2023, followed up on its growth trajectory by activating 84 new high-voltage charging points available in 24 locations distributed throughout the Italian territory.
In tune with the company’s vision and mission, the locations hosting Ewiva’s charging solutions are widely available throughout the country and strategically placed in urban areas and on major highways and thoroughfares to guarantee that all EV drivers, regardless of their type of journey, can access a fast, simple, hassle-free, and accessible charging service.

The locations of the new 84 charging stations

Over the last two months, Ewiva’s charging network has benefited from a whopping 84 new charging points, each generating up to 350kW, available in 24 locations in 11 Italian regions. Here’s all the useful info to locate and charge your EV in one of Ewiva’s new 24 charging stations!
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Napoli: Stazione Q8 – Via Viale Colli Aminei, 28a
Marcianise (CE): Via Fratelli Onorato, snc

Emilia Romagna

Castelguelfo (BO) – Via del Commercio, 4
Cesena (FC) – Via Rosa Luxemburg, 210
Ravenna Ovest (RA) – Via Faentina, 145
Ravenna Est (RA) – Via Travaglini Manlio 21


Guidonia Montecelio (RM) – Via Francesco Zambeccari, 9


Millesimo (SV) – Località Malpasso, 2


Bagnolo San Vito (MN): Mantova Outlet – Zona Industriale, 46031
San Giorgio Bigarello (MN): 5V92+23J San Giorgio Bigarello
Novate Milanese (MI): Coop – Via Amoretti
Corsico (MI): Parcheggio Ricci Casa – Via Marchesi, 4


Fano (PU): Tag Hotel – Via Luigi Einaudi, 2A


Paruzzaro (NO) – Via Borgomanero, 46/c
Casalino (NO) – Via Giovanni Coppo, 1B


Bari – Via Paolo Aquilino, 1
Castro (LE) – Via di Mezzo
Taranto: Stazione Q8 – S.S. 7 TER Km 2+500


Priolo (SR): Priolo Gargallo, Libero consorzio comunale di Siracusa – Autostrada CT-SR


Roselle (GR): Stazione Q8 – Via Senese
Barberino del Mugello (FI) – Via del Lago, 43


Padova: Stazione Q8 – Corso Australia, 3

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