19 December 2023
Press Realease

Ewiva makes its TV debut: billboard on air on La7

The company, created with the aim of making electric vehicle charging increasingly widespread, for the first time on air on TV with creativity and planning by Melismelis.


Building an ultra-fast high-power charging network for electric travel throughout Italy. This is the starting point for the 10-inch spot marking the TV debut of Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group. On air from Dec. 4 to Dec. 16, 2023 on La7, the 10″ is planned in prime time with passages during the network’s main productions in addition to 50 TV billboards positioned before and after La7’s weather, airing in the morning, coffee break and evening time slots.


In addition to representing Ewiva’s debut on the small screen, this planning also marks another important milestone for the company: it comes, in fact, exactly one year after its launch and aims to strengthen the path taken by the joint venture in the Italian territory, strengthening its brand awareness.


“The eMobility market is constantly evolving and it is a priority for all the operators involved to undertake a path of awareness for the end user,” said Luigi Antonio Poggi, Head of Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Communications at Ewiva. “It is not only necessary to publicize the service offered, but also to promote and support a concrete change towards the choice of moving electrically. It is for this reason that Ewiva, as a CPO – Charging Point Operator, which is building the most extensive ultra-fast network in Italy, has decided to focus on communication of this kind.”


Creativity and TV planning were handled by Melismelis, the agency that also handles the company’s media relations.


“Through a synergic work with Ewiva’s Communication and Marketing team, we have realized, in record time, a very tactical 10″ that aims to take the first steps of the brand awareness path of a brand with an incredible potential”– said Massimo Melis, CEO of Melismelis.