11 January 2023

Ewiva is one of the 100 stories of excellence in the Italian-made electric mobility

Businesses, research centers, and organizations: here are 100 virtuous stories of Italian players committed to developing electric mobility. Ewiva is one of these.

Fondazione Symbola, Enel Group, and Enel X Way presented today in Rome the report “100 Italian e-mobility stories 2023: energies and talents playing a leading role in the new era of mobility”. This is the fourth edition of a seminal information gathering and storytelling work, focusing on all players who are concretely helping out in developing electric mobility in Italy. Stories of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, talent, and expertise, allow Italy to play a significant role in the e-mobility revolution.

E-mobility: a dynamic industry and a constantly growing market

The report’s showcase event was first and foremost the chance to share data and trends proving how the new mobility era – more sustainable and efficient – isn’t simply the future, but already a reality.
Globally, there are currently almost 20 million passenger electric vehicles circulating, along with 1.3 million electric commercial vehicles, and over 280 million electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds. Recent estimates call for EVs to surpass a 50% market share by 2030 (source: Bloomberg BNEF), driven by BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) technology.
Currently, the main markets are represented by China and the European Union, with the latter recording a 65.7% rise in registrations of EVs or low-emission vehicles (ECV) compared to 2020. Staying within the bounds of the European markets, Germany takes first place on the podium with 682 thousand registrations, followed by Great Britain (306 thousand) and France (303 thousand).
According to data from GreenItaly 2022, Italy wrapped up 2021 with a 199% rise in the sales of electrified vehicles (hybrids or fully electric) compared to the previous year, reaching 38.4% of total sales, thus proving to be a dynamic and growing market in a country capable of landmark investments both in infrastructure and technology.
The stories outlined in the report tell this story: an all-around commitment from the entire industrial sector to hasten the transition towards a mobility model which is more sustainable from an environmental, economic, and social standpoint.

100 stories and their protagonists

These are the main players of the electric mobility industry as outlined in the report through the selected stories: from car makers to e-bike, light vehicle, moped, and e-Bus producers; from companies working in the components business to the designers who are imagining and engineering new forms and shapes in electric mobility; from sharing services to the main actors in the charging business.
One of the 100 Italian-made stories of excellence is very much our own. It’s the story of Ewiva, a joint venture stemming from the partnership between Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group to equip Italy with the largest ultra-fast charging network, available for all e-drivers and powered by 100% renewable power. Our commitment is to address in an effective way the needs of a constantly growing market, setting up by 2025 over 3.000 high-voltage charging points throughout the Italian territory, to make electric mobility an even more accessible choice, for everybody.

Download the full report “100 Italian e-mobility stories 2023”