08 January 2024

Discover the new 50 High Power Charging points activated by Ewiva betweet October and December 2023

The activities of the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group continue, with 13 new stations installed and a total of 50 charging points located in 7 different Italian regions in the last quarter of 2023, further expanding its high-power charging network.


Another 50 new ultra-fast charging points (PoCs) at 13 stations. These are the numbers achieved in the last quarter of 2023 by Ewiva, born from the collaboration between Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group to build the largest public high-power charging network in Italy.


With this achievement, the CPO – Charging Point Operator – confirms its leading role in enabling the transition to electric mobility in Italy by focusing on the capillarity of the charging infrastructure. Thanks to this new step, in fact, Ewiva has further enriched its High Power Charging (HPC) network, expanding between October and December 2023 the number of its ultra-fast electric charging stations in 7 different Italian regions, from North to South.


Six new high-power charging stations have been activated in Lombardy, for a total of 25 new charging points: the 2 columns activated in Castrezzato (BS) are 300kW, as are the 2 in Ospedaletto Lodigiano (LO) and the 3 in Caponago (MB), while the 2 infrastructures in Rovato (BS) and the 3 in Gadesco-Pieve Delmona (CR) are 150kW; finally, in Bergamo, a “Standalone” station with a 100kW charging point has been activated.


In Liguria, Ewiva has activated in Imperia a new ultra-fast charging station equipped with 2 columns, for a total of 4 charging points, 2 of 150kW and 2 of 300kW; in Emilia Romagna a new 100kW “Standalone” column has been installed in Reggio Emilia, while in Veneto, in Campo San Martino (PD), the new charging infrastructures activated are 2 and their power is 150kW each.


New activations also in central Italy: in Lazio, in Colleferro (RM), in the parking lot of the Coop shopping area, two 300kW columns each have been activated and inaugurated, while in Orte (VT) e-drivers can count on 2 new 150 kW infrastructures. Both locations are located in carefully selected strategic areas, with multiple services available nearby, and are easily accessible to e-drivers. Also in central Italy, in Abruzzo, Ewiva has activated two new 150 kW columns in Sulmona (AQ).


Finally, Sicily saw the activation of two new 300 kW charging infrastructures placed along the Syracuse-Catania highway, in the Serramendola Est service area.


Distributed throughout the peninsula and the islands, the latest Ewiva recharging stations activated are also all strategically located near businesses, services or points of interest, further confirming the company’s commitment to ensuring an increasingly simple and comfortable recharging experience for electric travelers. With the same goal in mind, the new stations in Colleferro (RM), Castrezzato (BS), Ospedaletto Lodigiano (LO) and Serramendola Est (SR) have also introduced the new service that allows users to pay for recharging directly at the station with debit, credit or prepaid cards.