31 August 2023

Electric mobility and connectors

What are the different types of connectors for electric car charging and why Ewiva chose the CCS2 standard


One of Ewiva’s pillars is accessibility: we want to make the charging experience easy, fast, and intuitive for all e-drivers. That’s why all the columns in our charging infrastructure are equipped with the CCS type 2 connector, the European standard for ultra-fast direct current (DC) charging. In particular, the European AFID (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive) requires that, for interoperability purposes, connectors be equipped with the “Combo 2” charging system. So, Ewiva has chosen to align its infrastructure with European standards.


The CCS (Combined Charging System) type 2 consists of a single charging connector that allows both direct current (DC) fast charging and alternating current (AC) slow charging. Over the years, major automakers have adapted their vehicles to this type of connector, thus enabling e-drivers to access an ever-expanding charging network and accompanying the user to an increasingly easy charging experience.


What are the other charging sockets?

In addition to the CCS type 2 standard, there are other types of connectors for public charging stations: some are specifically for alternating current (AC) and others for direct current (DC). AC allows charging up to 43kW while DC allows a fast charging mode that can reach up to 350kW.


AC charging sockets can be:

Type 1: this is a single-phase plug for American- or Asian-built vehicles and can support a charging power of 7.4kW,

– Type 2 or Mennekes: this is a triple-phase plug that can reach a power rating of 43kW.


For DC charging, in addition to the CCS type 2 socket, there is also the CHAdeMO type on the market: this is a connector for fast charging systems that is the Japanese standard and is widely used in some parts of the world. It allows two-way charging that touches 100 kW. Although the Ewiva standard, in line with what is required by European regulation, is the CCS type 2 connector, some stations have a CHAdeMO socket.