29 March 2023
Happy to change

Charging with Ewiva’s network is easy as 1, 2, 3 thanks to the rollout of payment services by credit card!

Ewiva widens access to its service by rolling out an experimental project that will allow users to pay for their charging sessions by card directly on the premises!

The company is fully committed to developing electric mobility in Italy while making it ever more accessible. On one side, by investing in setting up a countrywide network of high-power charging stations (HPC), allowing e-drivers to comfortably drive in any corner of Italy. On the other, by introducing new and useful services, tailored for electric travelers. The first development of 2023 for Ewiva customers was the start of a pilot project engineered to address the need for casual charging sessions, making for an ever-simpler charging experience for any kind of EV driver.


The pilot project gets underway: at Ewiva’s charging stations, drivers will be able to pay for their sessions with a credit/debit card.

Such a project represents an important step forward in widening the accessibility of Ewiva’s ultra-fast charging service while bolstering its availability, especially in major urban areas and highways. The goal is to provide the option of paying by card at Ewiva charging stations, thus avoiding the need to subscribe to a charging services provider (MSP). The service is currently in its test phase, with one experiential facility set up at the Ceprano (Province of Frosinone) charging station featuring 300 kW high-power charging points. During 2023, the system will be gradually rolled out to all of Ewiva’s charging stations.


Who is entitled to use the card payment service on Ewiva’s network?

This service is dedicated to all EV drivers looking for a one-off or casual charging session, like tourists – especially foreigners – and anyone who rented an EV. Overall, this type of service addresses anyone who is interested in a pay-per-use charging session, including everyday EV drivers looking to charge in cases of necessity. The service – in line with the provisions of the European Commission’s AFIR (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation) regulation, is structured to respond to the needs of casual charging sessions on Ewiva’s network.


What are the accepted payment methods?

Ewiva’s charging station in Ceprano accepts contactless payments with credit, debit, or prepaid cards from the Mastercard, Visa, Vpay, and Maestro circuits, or with Apple Pay and Google Pay. At the start of the pilot project, charging and paying directly through one of these methods will cost 0,90 €/kWh, VAT included.


Ewiva: ongoing innovation for the development of electric mobility

Ewiva is committed to innovating and searching for solutions that hasten the development of electric mobility while improving the charging experience for e-drivers. Going beyond offering ultra-fast charging stations featuring different configurations that range from 100 kW to 350 kW of power, providing a flexible solution for urban and countrywide contexts, with the rollout of the card payment option, Ewiva makes one more step to widen the accessibility of the service on the Italian market, responding to the needs of EV drivers.