Discover Ewiva’s MSP partners

As a Charging Point Operator, Ewiva is responsible for building and managing an accessible and open high-power charging infrastructure, making it available to more than 50 Mobility Service Providers partners.

Stations supports charging

As for today, Ewiva stations supports charging through apps, RFID cards and Plug&Charge, and the availability of payment by credit or debit card is being: the goal is to allow e-drivers to have a wide range of choice, making the Ewiva high charging power network more accessible and widespread to all.

  • a2a

    A2A Energia S.p.A.

  • autosense

    Autosense AG.

  • baywa

    BayWa Mobility Solutions GmbH

  • becharge


  • BeaglePlug

    BeaglePlug (Eurolink Systems srl)

  • bloomfleet


  • bosch

    Bosch Charging Solutions GmbH

  • carge

    Carge Single Member S.A.

  • charge4go

    charge4go AB

  • chargecloud

    chargecloud GmbH

  • chargemap


  • chargepoint

    ChargePoint Austria GmbH

  • connectned


  • deftpower


  • digital charging solutions

    Digital Charging Solutions GmbH

  • duferco

    Duferco Energia S.p.A.

  • e.on drive

    E.ON Drive Germany GmbH

  • e.on

    E.ON Energie, a.s.

  • e-flux


  • e-fusion


  • electromaps

    Electromaps S.L.

  • enbw

    EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG

  • eneco

    Eneco eMobility B.V.

  • enel x way

    Enel X Way S.r.l.

  • enerbroker

    Enerbroker S.r.l

  • enerhub

    Enerhub S.r.l.

  • evdc

    EVDC Network

  • ewego

    EWE Go GmbH


    Go To-U Inc

  • goelectric

    GoElectric Stations S.r.l.

  • gp-joule

    GP JOULE Connect GmbH

  • greenbow-1

    Greenbow A/S

  • greenflux assets BV DKV

    Greenflux Assets BV – DKV

  • italianapetroli

    Italiana Petroli S.p.A.

  • izivia


  • kuwait

    Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A

  • ladeklubben


  • liinkennevirta

    Liikennevirta Oy (EMP)

  • maingau

    Maingau Energie GmbH

  • mecharge

    MeCharge EMP

  • mer

    Mer Germany GmbH

  • motorsclub


  • Muvext LDA

    Muvext LDA

  • neogyon

    Neogy S.r.l.

  • octopus

    Octopus Energy Limited

  • plugsurfing

    Plugsurfing GmbH

  • Porsche Sales & Marketplace GmbH

  • repower

    Repower Vendita Italia S.p.A.

  • route220

    Route220 S.r.l.

  • shell-ev

    Shell EV Charging Solutions B.V.

  • sorgenia


  • tate

    Tate S.r.l.

  • telepass

    Telepass S.p.A.

  • threeforce

    Threeforce B.V. (EMP)

  • elli

    Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH

  • westfalen

    Westfalen AG