20 February 2024

Limited traffic zone access and free parking: all the advantages of the electric car

Driving an electric car opens up a world of advantages, which are not always well known: in addition to to a consisten saving on a financial perspective, such as exemption from paying road tax for the first 5 years or reduced maintenance costs, there are other several benefits that have a positive impact on e-drivers’ daily commute.


In fact, in many Italian cities, electric cars can have free and unrestricted access to Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ)-which are becoming more and more extensive in many municipalities-and in many cases e-drivers do not pay for parking on blue lines. Even from the perspective of traffic and parking, owning an electric car can therefore result in significant savings and several advantages. For example, in cities such as Milan, the daily ticket to enter Area C for nonresidents can cost €7.50, while daytime public pay parking can cost up to €3 per hour. In addition, in many cities, even if the LTZ is not chargeable, it is still forbidden to nonresidents and combustion vehicles for many hours.


The scenario, albeit with different declinations and rules, is replicated in almost every major city in Italy. You can consult the various directives, municipality by municipality on their respective sites for more info.

Below are some examples of the benefits of moving by electric vehicle valid to date for 12 of Italy’s major cities:


Bologna: Free parking on blue stripes and access to the LTZ.

Electric cars can park for free on the blue stripes and have free access to Bologna’s LTZ  after communicating the license plate.
(Environmental LTZ Measure, Jan. 26, 2024)


Cagliari – Free parking and access to the LTZ.

In the city of Cagliari, electric car owners can obtain a pass valid for free parking in parking lots and access to the LTZ.
(LTZ pass, August 1, 2023)


Catania – Free access to the LTZ and parking lots.

In Catania, electric cars can freely access the LTZ and enjoy free parking.
(Municipal Council Resolution No. 58, April 11, 2022)


Florence – Free access and parking in LTZ for 5 Years

In Florence, electric vehicles can obtain a free pass valid for free access and parking in LTZ for 5 years, avoiding annual renewal.
(Servizi alla Strada S.p.A., July 13, 2023)


Genoa – Annual badge for free access and parking in LTZ.

A free badge with annual validity is issued in Genoa for free access and parking in all the city’s LTZs.
(Genoa Parking, Aug. 7, 2019)


Milan – Free access to Area C and reserved parking.

In Milan, electric and hybrid cars can apply for a permit to park for free in both the yellow spaces reserved for residents and in the paid blue zones. In addition, entry into Area C is free for electric cars, providing significant savings for owners.
(Municipality of Milan, Aug. 27, 2023)


Messina – LTZ and free parking

Electric vehicles also enjoy significant benefits in Messina: they can circulate free of charge in the Limited Traffic Zone and park without paying in the designated public spaces, just by submitting an online application.
(ATM SpA, Oct. 17, 2023)


Naples – Awaiting the resolution for free access to the LTZ.

Facilities for electric cars in Naples are being evaluated. Until December 31, 2023, parking was free, but a City Council resolution is awaited to confirm LTZ and free parking concessions.
(City Council Resolution No. 44, Feb. 23, 2023)


Palermo – Registration required for free parking

In Palermo, owners of electric cars must register on the municipal white list to obtain the free pass that guarantees free parking on streets inside the LTZ.
(ZTL Pass, January 2024)


Reggio Calabria – 25 euro parking pass

In Reggio Calabria, owners of electric cars can obtain a free parking pass by paying a secretarial fee of 25 euros, offering a convenient option for sustainable mobility. The exemption, at the moment, is valid until March 31, 2024.
(City Council resolution, March 31, 2023)


Rome – free parking and access to the LTZ.

In the Capital, owners of electric cars can enjoy free parking and access to the LTZ, in addition to being able to circulate freely within all the city’s LTZ zones without the need for paper badges.
(Ordinance No. 76 of June 30, 2023, Oct. 31, 2023)


Turin – Free LTZ for electric cars.

In Turin, electric cars can have free access to the LTZ by paying only €16 stamp duty to apply. The permit is valid for 2 years. In addition, there is also limited access for electric vehicles that have not applied but can get an exemption afterwards.
(City Council Resolution of Act No. 637, Oct. 17, 2023)


Venice – Exemption from paid parking and access to the LTZ.

In Venice, electric cars are exempt from paying parking fees on the blue stripes and can freely access the LTZ.
(EDG Resolution No. 10, Oct. 12, 2023)


Choosing an electric car, then, not only represents an investment in the environment and the future, but also brings important economic and practical advantages. Ewiva is doing its part to make electric mobility in Italy increasingly accessible and user-friendly through the implementation of an increasingly widespread high-power charging network, with flexible solutions that can meet the needs of all e-drivers.