24 June 2024
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La Rete dei Comuni: Arcola (SP)

We continue our journey to discover the Ewiva Network of Municipalities, local governments that have chosen our ultra-fast network for their territories assuring e-drivers and tourists in the area of fast and reliable charging. Among our public partners is Arcola, an ancient village a few kilometers from La Spezia, nestled in the beautiful landscape of eastern Liguria.


Arcola, between the coast and the Magra valley

Arcola is one of the jewels of the Val di Magra area, in the easternmost part of Liguria, near the border with Tuscany. The area is crossed by the Magra River, which flows for about 70 km offering wonderful naturalistic landscapes, together with the many villages and towns that rise along its course. Surrounded by wooded hills, Arcola has been the scene of various historical vicissitudes: it has gone from being a strategic military station, due to its position at the time difficult to reach, to a picturesque hamlet that grows in height, with alleys that get narrower and narrower from dense vines to the castle.


The station

The Ewiva station in Arcola is located at 1 Via della Repubblica, just minutes from the train station, Aurelia – State Road 1 – and 800 meters from Arcola Castle. The facility is always open to the public and is equipped with 4 charging points that deliver up to 150 kW. In addition to being surrounded by stores, bars, and services, it is not far from several places of interest.







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Village of Arcola

The village of Arcola is characterized by its medieval structure of concentric rings, enriched by paved alleys and stone or colored houses. The center of the village is dominated by the castle, destroyed and then rebuilt in the 13th century, along with the pentagonal-shaped Obertenghi tower, about 25 meters high, built in the 10th century. Between historic buildings you can find taverns and restaurants where you can discover Arcolan culinary traditions.


Lipu Oasis

One of the treasures of the Magra valley is the Lipu Oasis in Arcola. It was the first artificial garzaia designed in Italy, that is, a place suitable for the nesting and reproduction of herons, egrets and night herons, species that frequent and inhabit the area. The Oasis, the result of a renaturation process, can be visited freely through special paths, rich in special blooms and culminating in an alluvial forest, unique for its biodiversity.


Sarzanello Fortress

Sarzanello Fortress, built around 963 B.C. on the hill of the same name for a project of Emperor Otto I of Saxony, is still well preserved after reconstruction in 1502, partly because of its lack of involvement in major war events. Also known by the name of Castruccio, the military fortification also has evocative underground passages that can be visited today.



Village of Lerici

In the vicinity of Arcola, along the Gulf of La Spezia, there is a stretch of Tyrrhenian coastline rich in places of great interest; one of these is the village of Lerici, a typical Ligurian town that is colorful, charming and full of activities capable of attracting tourists from all over Italy. Perched on a promontory and dominated by a castle long a subject of contention between the maritime republics of Genoa and Pisa, the Borgo di Lerici was once an important trading port; today it is a seaside resort full of charming 18th-century seaside villas and crystal-clear beaches.


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