13 October 2023
Press Realease

High-power charging for electric vehicles comes to Messina

Inaugurated today, the new charging station best reflects the Municipal Administration’s focus on sustainability and consolidates Ewiva’s High Power Charging in Sicily for increasingly widespread sustainable mobility.


Messina (ME), Oct. 11, 2023 – Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, and the Municipality of Messina (ME) today inaugurated the High Power Charging (HPC) station for electric vehicles in Viale Boccetta – Corner Via dei Carrai. Already active, the new Ewiva-branded charging station is the first High Power Charging station activated in the territory of the Municipality of Messina and is located along the main avenue in the direction of the embarkations, a strategic location for both those leaving Sicily and those arriving there.


The site includes 3 Charging Infrastructures (IdR) or “columns” of 300kW each, for a total of 6 charging points (PoC), the Messina charging station, a direct link between Sicily and the rest of Italy, testifies to the joint venture and the Municipality’s desire to move toward an increasingly sustainable mobility that can effectively meet the needs of those who choose to travel by electric vehicles. With its 23 installed sites, for a total of 70 PoCs that add up to the additional 1,249 charging points built by Enel in the region, Ewiva further confirms its presence in Sicily, in the sign of constant growth, in the territory and nationwide.


“The inauguration of the Messina site is a source of great excitement for us, not least because it is the first high-power, 300kW activation in the municipal area. This new charging station is an important step forward in terms of the progress of green mobility in Italy and, specifically, in Sicily. Once again, the synergy between Ewiva and the local government has led to the choice of an innovative, technological and, above all, sustainable mobility model,” said Federico Caleno, CEO of Ewiva. “The transition to electric continues, therefore, at a fast pace, with a presence on the territory that is becoming more capillary every month. The large number of charging stations also makes this service more accessible, for a careful, convenient and reliable travel experience.”


“We believe in the importance of promoting a new mobility culture in Messina,” commented Mayor Federico Basile “The intervention presented today, for the realization of which we thank Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, is part of a set of measures taken in recent years by the Municipality of Messina for greater sustainability and environmental awareness. Taking these choices also means seizing new opportunities, in terms of tourism and competitiveness.”


“The presence in the City of this first high-power charging station for electric vehicles is the result of a positive dialogue between the public and private sectors,” added Councillor Francesco Caminiti, “to put us in step with the times and project us toward a sustainable future”.


“An important piece that we are sure will contribute in a positive way to the increasingly smart future of the city of Messina and will effectively help meet the needs of those who choose to travel by electric vehicles,” said General Manager Salvo Puccio.