21 June 2024

Ewiva’s high-power charging network will come to Altopascio (LU)

The new charging site will be installed in the parking lot on Europa Avenue and will be equipped with 3 columns of 300kW each. Ewiva and the municipality confirm their commitment to the many e-drivers in the area.


Ewiva’s HPC (High Power Charging) for electric vehicles will arrive in Altopascio: a step toward increasingly sustainable mobility and reduced air pollution for the entire territory. In fact, the Municipal Administration and Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X and Volkswagen Group, have signed the Memorandum of Understanding that provides for the installation of an HPC charging site in the municipal area. As the CPO – Charging Point Operator – owner of the charging infrastructure, Ewiva will be responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the new columns in Altopascio.


The site will consist of 3 Charging Infrastructures, or columns, of 300kW each, for a total of 6 charging points (PoC), and will be located in the public parking lot on Viale Europa, adjacent to Porta San Jacopo. This is a strategic location, ideal for the many e-drivers in the area and for all those who want to visit the beautiful Tuscan village. The site, in fact, will be about 1 km away from the Altopascio exit of the A11 “Firenze-Mare” highway.


“Air pollution caused by emissions from internal combustion vehicles is a major concern in European cities, and we, too, want to increasingly promote and facilitate sustainable mobility,” explain the mayor, Sara D’Ambrosio, and Francesco Mastromei, councillor for public works for the municipality of Altopascio. The construction of a recharging infrastructure network is fundamental for the development of electric mobility, and represents a significant step to make the territory and the air we breathe cleaner and healthier for our citizens: in our case, the columns are located in a central area, easily accessible, close to the highway, and therefore conveniently accessible.”


“We are very enthusiastic to undertake this new project together with the municipal administration, which has proven to be attentive to the needs of its citizens and has been able to recognize the importance of the transition to electric mobility for our country,” Ewiva commented. “The charging site that we are going to build and manage in Altopascio represents another important milestone for us at the regional level and a confirmation of our presence in Tuscany, where to date we already count 13 active HPC sites, for a total of 43 high-power charging points, and where we plan to build another 7 charging stations.