19 December 2023
Press Realease

Ewiva: ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles arrives in Colleferro (RM)

Located in the parking lot of the Coop shopping area, the station best reflects the will of Ewiva and the municipal administration to make electric car charging increasingly accessible.


In Colleferro, mobility is becoming even more sustainable. Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, created with the aim of making high-power public charging for electric vehicles increasingly widespread in Italy, today inaugurated a new High Power Charging (HPC) station in Colleferro (RM).


Consisting of 2 Charging Infrastructures (IdR) or “columns” of 300kW each, for a total of 4 charging points (PoC), the station is located in Via Romana, a strategic location just off the A1 highway exit and inside the parking lot of the Coop shopping area.


This is an important step in support of an ever-increasing diffusion of electric mobility and testifies to the City Administration’s commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, with citizen services that are increasingly cutting-edge and accessible. Thanks to the synergistic collaboration with the Municipality, the number of sites activated by Ewiva in Lazio rises to 30, for a total of 115 charging points, adding to the 2,556 charging points operated by Enel X in the region, of which 2,016 are in the Metropolitan City of Roma Capitale.


“The deployment of Charging Infrastructure for electric vehicles is as essential for the development of sustainable mobility as it is strategic for the growth of local realities – said Federico Caleno, CEO of Ewiva and Head of Enel e-Mobility Italy – We thank the Municipal Administration for the valuable collaboration that has allowed us to bring to an area as industrially vibrant as Colleferro an innovative, powerful and high-performance HPC station, ideal not only for the residents of this area, but also for those who travel by electric for work or for daily trips.”


“With the inauguration of the Ewiva high-power charging station at the Coop parking lot,” said Colleferro Mayor Pierluigi Sanna, “the Municipality of Colleferro takes another big step toward the ecological transition related to individual mobility. Added to this is the possibility to take advantage of the proximity to the highway exit and give the opportunity for those who recharge, albeit in the short time necessary, to visit nearby businesses. Colleferro thus confirms its active role in promoting increasingly electric mobility and once again shows itself to be a city attentive to environmental sustainability.”