03 August 2023
Press Realease

Ewiva runs fast: 950 high-power charging points for electric vehicles already installed seven months after launch

The joint venture between Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, seven months after its launch, has more than 280 stations built, totaling about 950 ultra-fast charging points. The goal for 2025 is to reach 3,000 points across the country.


Milano, 3 August 2023 – More than 280 stations for a total of about 950 ultra-fast charging points installed throughout the country, from North to South. These are the results achieved by Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X Way, the Enel Group company entirely dedicated to electric mobility, and Volkswagen Group, the automotive industry leader that has embraced the electrification strategy.


For Ewiva, the first seven months following the launch and inauguration of the first “Premium” charging site in Rome, are already returning significant figures, as the company is contributing to the growth of high-power infrastructure in Italy, creating the most extensive and widespread network of HPC – High Power Charging – public charging stations along the national territory. Thus the CPO – Charging Point Operator – confirms its mission to accelerate our country’s transition to electric mobility by developing an ultra-fast, innovative, high-performance charging infrastructure that is increasingly affordable for everyone.


Results that, moreover, translate into a concrete contribution to environmental sustainability for our country1: in particular, as of July 2023, recharges carried out by e-drivers on the Ewiva network have avoided the emission of more than 7,100,000 kg of CO2 (equivalent to having planted 394,000 trees), 500 kg of particulate matter, 16,700 kg of nitrogen oxides, and have also contributed in the reduction of noise pollution equal to the amount of noise produced by more than 11,200 motor cars. In addition, the sheer number of kilometers traveled by those who have recharged on Ewiva’s infrastructure, amounting to 58 million kilometres – 1,450 times the circumference of the Earth – highlight the users’ shared desire to travel electric, preserving the environment as much as possible by relying on a high-efficiency network with 100% renewable energy.


Ewiva thus traces the shared visions of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group on the global electrification of transportation toward the goal of carbon neutrality.


The diffusion of electric mobility in Italy is the goal that Ewiva aims to enable through the capillarity, efficiency and reliability of infrastructures and their positioning in strategic areas of the country, but also by improving the level of accessibility to charging facilities, which translates into total freedom of movement from North to South, for drivers of electric vehicles.


With this in mind, in addition to the more than 50 recharging service providers (“MSPs,” Mobility Service Providers) interoperable with the Ewiva network through which users can take advantage of recharging with Apps or RFID Cards, there are several projects that the company is developing, first and foremost the introduction of Plug&Charge functionality on all its recharging stations, an innovative system that allows the charging station to dialogue directly with the car, without the need to authenticate through apps or cards, but also the experimental project that allows e-drivers to pay contactless directly at the station with debit, credit, or prepaid cards from the Mastercard, Visa, Vpay, and Maestro circuits, as well as through Apple Pay and Google Pay.


“The results obtained in this first part of the year only spur us on to pursue our goals even more wholeheartedly,” said Federico Caleno, CEO of Ewiva and Head of Country Italy of Enel X Way. “The path towards sustainable mobility has seen a turning point in recent years and involves various public and private actors, in different and complementary industries. Ewiva, by building the high-power electric charging infrastructure and committing to make the electric charging service accessible to everyone, from North to South, plays a leading role in the spread of e-mobility in our country. By 2025, we aim to install 3,000 ultra-fast charging points in Italy: an ongoing commitment, which we share with Local Administrators who decide to promote e-mobility in their municipalities, but also with multiple private partners belonging to different sectors, such as GDO, Ho.Re.Ca and Retail, who support Ewiva’s vision and to whom we are grateful for their collaboration towards a more sustainable future.”



1) Ewiva data processing based on annual data on average consumption of electric vehicles on the market and average emissions of the Italian vehicle fleet.



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