29 June 2023
Ewiva everywhere

Ewiva everywhere: all charging stations activated in May

Travelling with an electric car is getting easier thanks to Ewiva’s ultra-fast charging network: let’s find out together the 32 new charging points activated in Italy in May.

Ewiva, the joint venture created by Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, continues to increase its high- power charging network in Italy. Also in May, 32 new charging points were activated, distributed in 8 sites hosting different Ewiva charging solutions. In particular, during this month, Ewiva’s efforts focused on strengthening the charging infrastructure in central and southern Italy, placing the new charging points in locations located near highways in urban and suburban areas.

The full list of new activations:


  • Casalbordino (CH): Contrada Molino


  • Marino (RM): Via Cave di Peperino
  • Nettuno (RM): Via Scipione Borghese, 91
  • Pomezia (RM): Parcheggio Cavour


  • Muro Leccese (LE): SS 16 Maglie Otranto, Km 986.715
  • Porto Cesareo (LE): Via Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 51


  • Cagliari (CA): Area di Servizio Q8 – Viale Monastir


  • Palazzolo Acreide (SR): Via Antonino Uccello 1