28 April 2023
Ewiva everywhere

Ewiva everywhere: all charging stations activated in April

Electric mobility is getting easier thanks to Ewiva: 45 new charging points activated in Italy in April.

The largest high-power recharging network in Italy, born from the partnership between Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, continues its path of development of the electric infrastructure. There are 45 new recharging points activated by Ewiva this month, distributed in 12 sites located in 9 regions of Italy, from north to south. The sites hosting the various Ewiva recharging solutions are located in strategic locations, both in urban areas and along the main extra-urban roads.

Below is the complete list of new activations:


  • Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE): Comune di Mosciano Sant’Angelo – Via della Pace, 61

Emilia Romagna

  • Bologna (BO): Interporto Bologna – J96G+Q82 Bentivoglio


  • San Cesareo (RM): Comune di San Cesareo – Via Giuseppe Lombardo Radice, 41


  • Ospedaletti (IM): Comune di Ospedaletti – QPXH+39F Ospedaletti


  • Brescia (BS): AC Hotel Brescia – Via Giulio Quinto Stefana
  • Rezzato (BS): Comune di Rezzato – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 37
  • Cassano D’Adda (MI): Coop Cassano d’Adda – Piazzale Pietro Gobetti
  • Caravaggio (BG): Area di Servizio ADDA SUD – A35 Brebemi


  • Montecassiano (MC): Comune di Montecassiano – 8CQP+G8R Montecassiano


  • Musei (SU): Q8 – S.S.130 KM 38+160


  • Sansepolcro (AR): Il Borgo – Via Senese Aretina, 201


  • San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR): Centro Commerciale River – Via Dott. F. Garofoli, 260


Find your nearest Ewiva charging point via your Mobility Service Provider (MSP) app, or on Google Maps. Also, if you are new among e-drivers, here are some tips on how charging stations work.