27 July 2023
Ewiva everywhere

Ewiva everywhere: 53 new charging stations activated in June

Travel without worries, thanks to Ewiva’s ultra-fast charging network. Find out where are the 53 new charging points activated in June!

Ewiva’s ultra-fast network continues to grow: in June we made 53 more new high-power (100kW to 350kW) charging points available to electric car users located at 16 sites in 8 regions. Our goal is to create a widespread charging infrastructure throughout the country.. In this way we enable an increasing number of e-drivers, make them travel safely on electric cars throughout Italy, from North to South, without the anxiety of recharging!

Here is the complete list of new activations:


  • L’Aquila (AQ): Via Raffaele Paolucci, 8
  • Teramo (TE): Via Giovanni Gentile
  • Città Sant’Angelo (PE): Via Roberto Nasuti



  • Casagiove (CE): Via Sebastiano Fortuna, 4-6



  • Mercato Saraceno (FC): Via Luigi Enaudi 7



  • Malgrate (LC): Eurospin – Via Stabilini, 11
  • Trezzo sull’Adda (MI): Via Piersanti Mattarella, 9-3
  • Pegognaga (MN): Via E. Berlinguer, 79



  • Gravellona Toce (VB): Le Isole Shopping Center, via Cavagnino
  • Cuneo (CN): Via Margarita
  • Alessandria (AL): Dimar – Via Tiziano Vecellio, 15
  • Albiano D’Ivrea (TO): Piazza Assone
  • Collegno (TO): Leroy Merlin – Via Nazioni Unite, 8



  • Pula (CA): Conad – Via Cavour



  • Vicenza (VI): AC Hotel – S.S. Padana Superiore Verso Verona, 60