04 October 2023
Press Realease

Charge the eletric car while enjoying shopping, thanks to the partnership between Ewiva and Mercato’

Ultra-fast recharging of electric vehicles is even more accessible, thanks to a partnership between the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, created to support the development of electric mobility in Italy, and the well-known large retail store brand.


Plans are underway to install 8 charging stations in as many stores between Piedmont and Liguria, while 3 are already active in Alessandria, Rivoli (TO) and Alba (CN).


Milan, Oct. 4, 2023 – Two important Italian companies with the common goal of developing electric mobility for the benefit of environmental sustainability: Ewiva, the joint venture of Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, created to build the country’s largest ultra-fast public charging network, and Mercato’, a firm owned by Dimar SpA, a major italian retail company, are working together to activate ultra-fast charging infrastructures in the parking lots of the Dimar network of supermarkets and superstores.


So all the e-drivers will be able to recharge their cars while enjoying shopping at the market, guaranteeing a simple, fast and comfortable user experience that saves time and cancels the so-called “recharging anxiety.”


A collaboration launched in May 2022, thanks to which 8 Ewiva high-power charging stations are already scheduled to be activated in as many Dimar Group outlets in Piedmont and Liguria, for a total of 34 charging points. A number that is already set to grow, however, to offer the high-power electric charging service at additional outlets. To date, 3 charging stations have already been activated, starting with the Mercatò Extra in Alessandria (in June 2023), which was followed by the Mercatò in Rivoli, in the province of Turin (July 2023), while the latest activation in chronological order is the one in Alba (CN), which took place recently, in conjunction with the inauguration of Mercatò Extra, the new superstore in San Cassiano.


The main Ewiva solutions that will be installed in supermarket parking lots consist, depending on the space available, of 2 or 3 Charging Infrastructures (IdR) or “columns,” each with 150kW or 300kW power, for a total of 4 or 6 charging points.


“We are pleased with this collaboration with Dimar Group. This agreement focuses on the real needs of electric vehicle owners and, precisely for this reason, aims at fostering sustainable mobility,” said Federico Caleno, CEO of Ewiva. “Ewiva strongly believes in the potential of the combination of electric cars and the offer of commercial services to e-drivers: in fact, for the “customer/e-driver it is one more opportunity to optimize charging times while taking advantage to devote themselves to shopping in the meantime. And on the other hand, for the merchant, an opportunity to grow their business by attracting new potential customers. By installing new charging points in supermarket parking lots, moreover, Mercatò and Ewiva are promoting the spread of a public infrastructure network that further enables the use of innovative and less polluting vehicles.”