20 February 2023

Charge your EV and enjoy your free time: discover all Ewiva solutions

A network of high-power charging stations, open to all, available throughout the country, and located in areas with services and points of interest nearby. This is purposely done to have you manage the charging time your way!

How much time does it take on average to charge an EV battery? If there’s a frequently asked question about EVs from potential and actual EV owners, this is it. The answer depends on various factors connected to the infrastructure’s features, the EV make and model, as well as climate conditions. Ewiva, Italy’s largest ultra-fast charging network, stemming from a partnership between Enel X Way and Volkswagen Group, answers this question in two ways. On one side, by creating a high-power network (from 100 kW to 350kW) that lowers charging times (on average, 20 minutes in standard conditions), on the other, selecting sites where charging stations are located, not only based on criteria of extensiveness but also based on the availability of areas of interest and useful services for interested parties. This is all done to make the charging experience ever simpler, faster, and enjoyable, with the goal of spreading electric mobility throughout the country.

This is why, thanks to its high power, charging an EV at an Ewiva charging station reduces wait times but at the same time, it makes the wait worthwhile, turning it into a moment to enjoy what makes us truly happy: drinking coffee served tableside, a relaxing walk, reading a book, or some shopping. This is a time for self-pampering thanks to the many opportunities available near charging stations: while your EV battery is charging, you can stock up on some energy yourself!

Where are the Ewiva charging stations located?

Ewiva’s network extensively covers the Italian territory, with stations available in urban and suburban areas, from major towns to small hamlets, but also covering main roads and highways crossed daily by commuters and leisure travelers alike. In order to expand the reach of such infrastructure, Ewiva collaborates with public and private partners from a wide range of sectors to serve in the most effective way the needs of EV drivers, with the goal of placing charging stations in resource-rich locations like shopping malls, sports centers, hotels, cafés, and parking areas. Such locations are so varied and diverse that they can cater to any need of an e-driver, anytime and anywhere. It’s an added value for those who travel electric, and a business opportunity for those who choose to set up an Ewiva charging station next to their business.
Explore the interactive map to discover the location of Ewiva charging stations.

The Ewiva offer: four tailor-made solutions for every need

The Ewiva offer features four solutions: four types of sites that can be customized based on the business needs of the partner that wants to offer its current and future clients an EV charging station, available 24/7.
Various types of Ewiva sites are characterized by the number of charging points and their power output (from 100kW up to 350kW), in order to adapt to different contexts of urban and suburban mobility


It’s the simplest and smallest solution that can be easily installed in urban centers and tourist hotspots. The Standalone solution features a single charging station with a connector, with a DC power output of up to 100 kW. Within a 5-minute walking range, toilets, cafès, restaurants, shops, and points of interest are all readily available.


It’s the solution for medium-large retail areas, from parking spaces to petrol stations, and other businesses that aim to enhance their offer by presenting an EV charging station to their customers. The Basic site from Ewiva is made up of two charging stations for a total of four DC charging spots, with a power output ranging from 150 kW to 350 kW, usually located within a walking range of 8 minutes from toilets, food courts, shops, and parking areas.


Convenience is Ewiva’s solution for large-sized retail areas, from public and private parking areas to petrol stations, or other businesses that aim to offer their customers an EV charging service, as well as luring new ones through it. It features three charging stations with a total of six DC charging spots, from 150 kW to 350 kW, guaranteeing toilets, a food court, shopping, and parking areas within a 4-minute walking range.


The Ewiva Premium solution is our top-range option, offering e-drivers the added comfort of a lounge area with all fundamental services to guarantee a relaxing and productive break. An Ewiva premium site is made up of at least six charging stations, for a total of twelve charging spots from 150 kW to 350 kW, with an added exclusive lounge freely available to e-drivers, featuring a relaxation area, a meeting room, Wi-Fi, a toilet, and shopping area.
Ewiva already opened its first Premium site in Rome, in Via Flaminia 871, inaugurated as part of the corporate launch in December 2022.

The future of electric mobility is already here

Reducing waiting times during the charging process while allowing e-drivers to enjoy the wait is something that gives added value to a charging experience that’s already simple and accessible to make it even more comfortable and efficient. This is true for daily journeys but also during longer trips. Today, planning an on-the-road getaway is easier thanks to a constantly growing extensive network and to the possibility to charging an EV at a hotel, in tourist hotspots, or simply on the route.
With Ewiva makes you save time, but also foster a totally new and pleasant driving experience: hassle-free and emissions-free!